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Digital Marketing and SEO Expert

Hi, I’m Chris James, Digital marketing guru and entrepreneur. Born and raised in Perth, Western Australia and enjoying all the fruits of life the west coast has to offer. I was born into an IT family with my father an IT Developer and Manager at the local university. I have been around computer’s and programs all my life, yet I went down the path of earning a trade and starting my own businesses in different markets.

I had the unique skills to do all my own marketing, websites, social media managing and most important of all Perth SEO (Search engine optimization). Which gave me a huge boost over all my competition, As I was on the top of my game from the very start. Over those 10 years, I always came back to and loved digital marketing. It turned from a love to an obsession.

I often got asked “Who does your marketing?” When I replied just me.. A lot of people were shocked, they had poured thousands into useless marketing funnels that got very little or no return of interest. So I started taking over there marketing and within months, through word of mouth alone I had grown from one customer to almost twenty in 6 months. While still working my trade and other small businesses, I decided to make it into a serious business.

Good chance I’m the guy your website company has been hiring secretly to do there digital marketing work. With now thousands of happy clients and one of the best names in digital marketing. I have now gone out on my own and bring you the best marketing techniques currently available. With customer satisfaction and success in mind, I want to take your business or niche to the next level. Leave the competitors behind and let’s get you the results you want.

Why Work With Me


With over 10 years experience and using only the best methods to get the highest return of interest. You can’t afford to not hire me. I offer professional website design, which won’t destroy your capital with easy monthly payment’s. My now famous Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques have been taking small businesses to the next level with high return of interest. Plus we can handle all your social media management, such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.


“Chris and his team look after all my Google and Facebook, Our business went from really struggling and advertising in the local paper. To the stage now where we are struggling to keep up with all the work. He has turned my business around and I can’t be happier with his service. Simply Magic!”

Haydn Carter, Carter and Sons WA

“Thank you for all your help with the social media, seo and website updates. I now take most my bookings online and made my money back within a couple weeks, now we estimate an 800% turn over on money put into our marketing. Thanks Chris James”

Ben Hall, BCH Contractors

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